Generic Name: Vitamin C, Rosehip Powder & Bioflavonoids Tablets
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A vital nutrient for health which makes our lives more colourful and enjoyable.

Each Film coated tablet contains:

Vitamin C                     100 mg            

Rosehip Powder          250 mg

Booflavonoids              25 mg

10X10 Alu Alu strips packed in multicolor laminated box.

Vitamin C:
• Heal Wounds & form scar tissue.
• Helps adjust against stresses & strains.
• It is essential for treating infections, Healing of fractures.
• Boosts Immune System
• Improves Blood Circulation
• Prevents Cancer & Chronic diseases
• Lowers risk of Osteoporosis
• Aids in managing diabetes

• Reduce bruising in susceptible individuals
• Protect capillaries
• Protect against cerebral & other hemorrhaging
• Reduce bleeding during menstruation
• Antiviral activity
• Anti-inflammatory