Generic Name: Calcium Citrate USP with Calcitriol BP Tablets
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Calcium citrate USP with Calcitriol BP is very highly effective drug combination to strengthen the bones which is widely used by orthopedic doctors and surgeon’s for their patients.
Stay fit-have a walk after dinner and a pill of citrocal. This will help you in various ways like:
• Control your weight
• Strengthen your bones
• Enhance your muscles
• Reduce your risk for heart disease,
• Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes,
• And also some types of cancer Plus, by becoming active,
You’re being a good role model for your children.

Each uncoated tablet contains: 

Calcium Citrate USP 1200 mg 
Equivalent to elemental calcium 252 mg 
Calcitriol BP 0.25 mcg

10 X 10 Blister Strips kept in a multicolor laminated box.

To strengthen bones, muscles. Calcitriol is a derivative of vitamin D. This vitamin is necessary and important for the proper absorption and use of calcium in the body. Calcium, of course, is the major mineral in bones and teeth, and gives them their strength.