Quality Policy

Our group manufacturers, along with us, are committed to provide our products as per IP and international BP/ USP standards. Quality is the most important aspect at Astral Pharmaceuticals. We always keep an eye on process performance through product conformity, corrective actions; follow up actions, innovative and GMP practices to achieve continual progress in total quality of our products and services.

We assure our customers of high quality standard backed by technical support wherever necessary. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with quality assurance department with dedicated personnel's to check and maintain stringent product specifications matching WHO – GMP International standards.

Our Quality Program includes:

  • Strict process control through in-process checks
  • Stability studies
  • Pre-shipment inspection and quality assurance are the major factors to deliver the product at its best.

We re-test all active ingredients [raw-material of the medicine to be manufactured] and ensure that all are as per IP / BP / USP standards. We also re-test / re-check finished products – medicines as per drug rules & regulations, prior to dispatch.

Testing and inspection is un-compromising at Astral along with it's associates companies to ensure the quality of our products.